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Livros sugeridos na edição nº13 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Managing in Health and Social Care

Autores: Vivien Martin, Julie Charlesworth, Euan Henderson
Edição/reimpressão: 2010

Sinopse: Managing in Health and Social Care is about developing skills to manage and improve health and social care services. The focus throughout is on the role that a manager can play in ensuring effective delivery of high- -quality services. Examples from social care and health settings are used to illustrate techniques for managing people, resources, information, projects and change.




The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization

Autores: Kenneth R. White, PhD, FACHE, John R. Griffith
Edição/reimpressão: 2010

Sinopse: The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization continues its position as the most comprehensive resource on healthcare management.
This edition draws on the experiences of high-performing and Malcolm Baldrige Award-winning organizations.
It describes the key drivers of success:
• A culture of empowerment and responsive leadership that promotes teamwork among physicians, nurses, and other staff;
• A system for continuous improvement that emphasizes process analysis, negotiated goal setting, measurement, benchmarking, and rewards.



The Innovator’s Prescription: a Disruptive Solution for Health Care

Autores: Clayton M. Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman M.D., Jason Hwang M.D.
Edição/reimpressão: 2008

Sinopse: Our health care system is in critical condition. Each year, fewer Americans can afford it, fewer businesses can provide it, and fewer government programs can promise it for future generations.
We need a cure, and we need it now.
Harvard Business School’s Clayton M. Christensen whose bestselling The Innovator’s Dilemma revolutionized the business world presents The Innovator’s Prescription, a comprehensive analysis of the strategies that will improve health care and make it affordable.
Christensen applies the principles of disruptive innovation to the broken health care system with two pioneers in the field Dr. Jerome Grossman and Dr. Jason Hwang. Together, they examine a range of symptoms and offer proven solutions.


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