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Livros sugeridos na edição nº6 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Nurse To Nurse Nursing ManagementNurse To Nurse: Nursing Management


Autor: Linda Knodel

Edição/reimpressão: 2010

Sinopse recomendada pela editora (Wook, Porto Editora):

“Real-world solutions to nurse management issues

Unlike other books on the subject, Nurse to Nurse: Nursing Management goes beyond theory and academic discussion to provide real-world solutions to the management problems nurse managers face today. Written by a Chief Nursing Officer with two decades of hands-on experience, this portable, and user-friendly text includes real-life case studies and algorithms to assist the decision-making process.”



Nursing Case ManagementNursing Case Management


Autores: Toni G. Cesta, Elaine Cohen

Edição/reimpressão: 2004

Sinopse recomendada pela editora (Wook, Porto Editora):

“Offers coverage of nursing case management – from theoretical background and historical perspective to practical applications. This book focuses on the implementation of various case management models used throughout the United States and abroad. It includes such topics as the impact of public policy on health care.”




Nursing In Today`S WorldNursing In Today’S World


Autores: Celia Love Hartley, Janice Rider Ellis

Edição/reimpressão: 2007


Sinopse recomendada pela editora (Wook, Porto Editora):

“Presents the concepts underlying professional nursing along with contemporary issues affecting the profession, including educational preparation, health care finance, legal responsibilities, and ethics/bioethics.”



Nursing Management SecretsNursing Management Secrets


Autor: Polly Gerber Zimmermann

Edição/reimpressão: 2002


Sinopse recomendada pela editora (Wook, Porto Editora):

“This overview of key areas that a nurse manager needs to know in order to manage effectively provides practical tips from the authors’ experience and expertise. New ideas are presented for handling age-old problems as well as for dealing with emerging issues.”

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