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Livros sugeridos na edição nº19 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Publicado por Dr Miguel Sousa Neves em Quinta-feira Set 1, 2016

Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals: Improving Patient Safety, Patient Flow and the Bottom Line, Second Edition by [Arthur, Jay]Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals: Improving Patient Safety, Patient Flow and the Bottom Line (2nd edition)

Autor: Jay Arthur

Edição/reimpressão: 2016

Sinopse: This thoroughly revised resource shows, step-by-step, how to simplify, streamline, analyze, and optimize healthcare performance using tested Lean Six Sigma and change management techniques. Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals, Second Edition, follows the patient from the front door of the hospital or emergency room all the way through discharge. The book fully explains how to improve operations and quality of care while dramatically reducing costs – often in just five days. Real-world case studies from major healthcare institutions illustrate successful implementations of Lean Six Sigma.



Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey: Driving Culture Change to Increase Value (2nd edition)

Autores: Joan Wellman, Pat Hagan, Howard Jeffries, Cara Bailey

Edição/reimpressão: 2016

Sinopse: This book reveals and describes the leadership and culture change required to remove waste from healthcare processes and eliminate the root cause of soaring costs, poor quality and safety, and limited access. The book’s delivery strategy revolves around personal and organizational stories and case studies told by physician and administrative leaders, all students of the Toyota Production System. This revised edition uniquely blends updated case studies with practical theory to describe how the healthcare value proposition can be changed by reducing waste, variation and complexity in healthcare. New to the book are chapters on clinical standard work and integration of lean and safety.



A Healthcare Solution A Patient-Centered, Resource Management Perspective book coverA Healthcare Solution: A Patient-Centered, Resource Management Perspective

Autores: Mark A. Vonderembse, David D. Dobrzykowski

Edição/reimpressão: 2016

Sinopse: The evidence is undeniable. By any measure, the US spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world, yet its health outcomes as measure by longevity are in the bottom half among developed countries, and its health-related quality of life has remained constant or declined since 1998. In addition to high costs and lower than expected outcomes, the healthcare
delivery system is plagues by treatment delays as it can take weeks to see a specialist, and many people have limited or no access to care. Part of the challenge is that the healthcare delivery system is a large, complex, and sophisticated value creation chain. Successfully changing this highly interconnected system is difficult and time consuming because the underlying problems are hard to comprehend, the root causes are many, the solution is unclear, and the relationships among problems, causes, and solution are multifaceted. To address these issues, the book carefully explains the underlying problems, examines their root causes using information, data, and logic, and presents a comprehensive  and integrated solution that addresses these causes. These three steps are the methodological backbone of this book.


Livros sugeridos na edição nº18 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Publicado por Dr Miguel Sousa Neves em Quarta-feira Jun 22, 2016

Logística na Saúde

Autores: Tânia Ramos, José Crespo de Carvalho

Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: Da sua leitura, sobressai, no essencial, a ideia de que na logística hospitalar, desde o Aprovisionamento ao serviço ao cliente, devemos adotar metodologias e procedimentos racionais, baseados na informação, no conhecimento e na aplicação de técnicas já conhecidas provenientes da indústria. Reforça-se, assim, a ideia de que um Hospital é uma empresa, em muitos domínios idêntica a outro tipo de empresas e em que as dimensões da efetividade e da eficiência são também fundamentais.




Leading, Managing, Caring: Understanding Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care

Autores: Sara MacKian, Joan Simons

Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: Effective leadership and management in health and social care are built on good practice, strong relationships and a critical understanding of the wider context in which care takes place. Leading, Managing, Caring illustrates how leadership and management work in everyday settings, providing invaluable support to those practising or studying in the area. The book introduces the four core building blocks of the caring manager or leader: personal awareness, team awareness, goal awareness and contextual awareness. Together these form a firm foundation for understanding and practice.

Drawing on up-to-date case studies, the authors explore how critical theoretical understanding can support practical attempts to work through complex situations with a diverse range of people. Also included is a toolkit containing carefully selected and practical tools for leading and managing change. This comprehensive textbook is suitable for existing and aspiring managers and leaders in a range of health and social care professions, or anyone interested in understanding more about the complex landscape in which care services are managed and delivered in the UK.


Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Autores: Neil Gopee, Jo Galloway

Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: Leadership and management are essential skills for all qualified care professionals, regardless of the position that they hold. This best-selling text book has been designed to support you on your journey from an emerging registered care professional through to becoming a care manager. It includes strong emphasis on how management theory applies to care that you will actually deliver in the clinical setting, and supports you to develop your skills through action points, case studies and good practice guidelines.

Livros sugeridos na edição nº16 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Publicado por Dr Miguel Sousa Neves em Quinta-feira Fev 18, 2016

Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

Autores: William N. Zelman, Marci Thomas, Noah D. Glick, Michael J. Mccue
Edição/reimpressão: 2014

Sinopse: Offers an introduction to the tools and techniques of health care financial management, including
health care accounting and financial statements; managing cash, billings and collections; making
capital investments; determining cost and using cost information in decision-making; budgeting and
performance measurement; and pricing.



Management Accounting in Health Care

Autores: David W. Young
Edição/reimpressão: 2014

Sinopse: Provides introductory-level instruction and a user-oriented approach to management accounting
concepts and techniques that help to prepare students for managerial work in health care.
This book introduces concepts and techniques that can help students identify, analyze, and apply key
management accounting principles.



International Best Practices In Health Care Management

Editor: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Edição/reimpressão: 2015

Sinopse: Advances in Health Care Management Volume 17 helps to shape emerging thinking about
best practices in international health care management. The volume is divided into two sections: a set of
commentaries from US and European scholars, and research articles that compare two or more health
systems and focus on specific topics in health care delivery.

Livros sugeridos na edição nº15 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Publicado por Dr Miguel Sousa Neves em Quarta-feira Jul 1, 2015

40 Anos de Abril na Saúde40 Anos de Abril na Saúde

Autores: Jorge Simões, António Correia de Campos
Edição/reimpressão: 2014

Sinopse: Celebrar 40 anos de Abril na Saúde representa o privilégio de tornar evidente uma relação entre os direitos dos cidadãos e a criação de condições que permitam defender e promover a Saúde. Em poucas áreas esta relação foi tão comprovadamente estreita, em período de quatro décadas, ao ponto de quase se poderem medir as relações de causa a efeito. Este livro pretende acompanhar o percurso dos últimos 40 anos em áreas chave da Saúde, escolhidas pelos coordenadores, que convidaram dez autores para a escrita de cada um dos capítulos.


Cases in Health Care Management

Autores: Sharon B. Buchbinder, Nancy H. Shanks, Dale Buchbinder
Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: Compendium of 101 case studies that illustrate the challenges related to managing the healthcare services. Segmented by topic and setting, these cases span the full spectrum of issues that can arise in a variety of health care services settings.
With a writing style that is lively and engaging, undergraduates in healthcare management, nursing, public administration, public health, gerontology, and allied health programs will find themselves absorbed in stories that bring to life the common issues encountered by healthcare managers every day. In addition, students in graduate programs will find the materials theory-based and thought provoking examples of real world scenarios.



Human Resource Management in Health Care: Principles and Practices

Autores: L. Fleming Fallon Jr., Charles R. McConnell
Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: This practical, hands-on book introduces human resources to those who are preparing to work in any area of health care or health service. Written for practitioners and students in all disciplines related to health, it covers important topics such as recruitment, training, termination, legal issues, labor unions, and more. Each chapter is introduced by a case study related to the material that follows. The case study is resolved at the conclusion
of each chapter along with expert commentary and practical suggestions that can be used in the real world. Chapters also feature learning objectives, discussion points, and questions to ponder. Many examples and a number of sample forms and documents are included. The Second Edition has been completely re-organized to reflect a better chapter flow and organization.

Livros sugeridos na edição nº14 da Revista Portuguesa de Gestão & Saúde

Publicado por Dr Miguel Sousa Neves em Quarta-feira Jul 1, 2015

Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action

Autores: Steven G. Hillestad, Eric N. Berkowitz
Edição/reimpressão: 2012

Sinopse: Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action, Fourth Edition, a standard reference for over 15 years, bridges the gap between marketing theory and implementation by showing you, step-by-step, how to develop and execute successful marketing strategies using appropriate tactics. Put the concepts you learned in introductory marketing courses into action using the authors’ own unique model – called the strategy/action match – from which you will learn how to determine exactly which tactics to employ in a variety of settings.
In this new edition, you’ll also discover the latest practical applications for strategy development, the marketing planning process, challenges of a competitive marketplace, vision, and other critical aspects of health care marketing. The Fourth Edition also examines new health care delivery models, increasing competition, foreign competitors, and health care reform. Students will come away with a clear understanding of the link between the board room and its connection to tactics in the marketing division. The authors provide models and methods to help organizations discuss and create clear and precise visions for their organizations.


Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management

Autores: Karen A. Wager, Frances W. Lee, John P. Glaser
Edição/reimpressão: 2013

Sinopse: This most widely used textbook in the field has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect changes in the health care industry and the renewed focus on health care information technology initiatives. Two new chapters cover Federal efforts to enhance quality of patient care through the use of health care information technology and strategy considerations. Additionally, reflecting the increased focus on global health, the book features an international perspective on health care information technology. Case studies of organizations experiencing management-related information system challenges have been updated and several new cases have been added. These reality-based cases are designed to stimulate discussion among students and enable them to apply concepts in the book to real-life scenarios. The book’s companion Web site features lecture slides, a test bank, and other materials to enhance students’ understanding.



Financial Management of Health Care Organizations: An Introduction to Fundamental Tools, Concepts and Applications

Autores: William N. Zelman, Michael J. McCue, Noah D. Glick, Marci S. Thomas
Edição/reimpressão: 2014

Sinopse: This new Fourth Edition of Financial Management of Health Care Organizations, offers an introduction
to the most-used tools and techniques of health care financial management, including health care accounting
and financial statements; managing cash, billings and collections; making major capital investments; determining
cost and using cost information in decision-making; budgeting and performance measurement; and pricing.